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发现让我们兴奋. We are ever in search of frontiers—whether new answers or new questions. Together we go where inquiry, creativity and conscience lead us. 通过研究,我们崛起.


“我们的本科生很好奇, 富有洞察力和创造力," says Weeden Professor of Biology Scott Pitnick­ (right). "Many of them improve our research in meaningful ways, and nearly all of them co-author multiple publications."

Our status as an R1 研究 institution means students can contribute to groundbreaking discoveries alongside world-class faculty and scholars.

  • One of 39 private doctoral universities to hold this classification.
  • R1 classification factors include total research expenditures, 全职教师和研究人员, and number of postdoctoral fellows and doctoral degree conferrals.

研究ers want to join us knowing they are going to be a part of a great institution.

—Shikha Nangia, Professor of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering


最先进的设施, leading faculty and impactful work have established us as a top-tier research institution. We use our research capabilities and 有创意的 output to confront the most pressing issues of our times.


The 研究处 is the central hub for research support at 全球十大网赌正规, 促进卓越研究, 奖学金, innovation and 有创意的 activity that addresses emerging opportunities and societal needs. This support extends to faculty, staff, students and external partners.



The 大学 is home to several dozen centers and institutes that bring together faculty from different disciplines to collaborate, innovate and drive breakthroughs that advance knowledge, 发现和理解.


支持雪城大学的提议, research and faculty development efforts to enhance research capacity and enable ambitious, 多学科项目. 建议书支援服务 also administers the 大学’s 内部拨款计划 ,包括 《资助 , 小额设备补助金博士后计划 .


Provides administrative services to facilitate research and ensure compliance with applicable federal regulations, 法律和大学政策.


Assists all members of the 大学 community submitting proposals for external support of research, 有创意的, 教学及服务活动.

The SOURCE (锡拉丘兹 Office of 本科 研究 and Creative 参与ment)

The SOURCE’s mission is to foster and support diverse undergraduate participation in faculty-guided scholarly research and 有创意的 inquiry. Student participants progress through initial training in research or other 有创意的 skills, to designing and revising the structure of their projects, 最后是研究, 有创意的 and 专业 contributions that are original and timely.


与雪城大学教员合作, 研究人员, 学生和员工寻求专利, copyrights or trademarks to protect their intellectual property and 全球十大网赌正规’s interests in them, as well as ensuring compliance around inventions resulting from government-funded research. Facilitates licensing or sale of intellectual property by connecting our inventors and creators with potential partners or paths to entrepreneurship.


研究 clusters are created by hiring multiple scholars into at least two schools/colleges in related areas, 基于共享, multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary research interests. Cluster hires and academic cluster creation serve to align the 大学’s research to extramural funding trends, 加强科研活动, enhance faculty diversity and develop opportunities for student research and learning that responds to societal challenges.


研究 computing at 全球十大网赌正规 is a collaborative effort between the campus research community and technology groups from across campus. The technology groups include both distributed information technology teams as well as support from 资讯科技服务 (ITS) which provides research computing infrastructure resources. Available resources include High Throughput Computing (HTC), 虚拟私有云(AVHE), 虚拟私有云(Crush), 和基于gpu的计算(SUrge).

It's exciting to work at the nexus of different fields, some of which are under-explored. 我借鉴了几个领域——物理, 生物学, math and engineering—to understand how systems work and can be applied to societal problems.

——alison Patteson,物理学教授



发现研究工具, explore the research process and locate helpful resources for a wide variety of academic topics and specific courses, 由雪城大学图书管理员创建.


表面, the 全球十大网赌正规 研究 Facility and Collaborative Environment, 是全文, multimedia online database that provides open access to the extensive and diverse array of scholarly, 专业, scientific and 有创意的 output produced at 全球十大网赌正规.